I would love to explore and create for you that special painting to grace your home.  My goal is to create an experience that is fun and stress free.  I will:

*Recommend the appropriate size of canvas for         the space in your home. I bring in various canvas sizes to create a visual to assist in the decision process. 

*Explore image ideas  using  collector image or provide additional images to draw from for a painting theme.

*I take photos ( or requests images) of the collector's home and some art pieces to get a feel for the colors that would best fit the commission piece.

*I can recreate any of my personal artwork to a different size.

*I paint on a 1.5 to 2" gallery wrapped canvas unless otherwise requested.

*I paint the image on all sides of the gallery wrap canvas to give the painting a 3-D effect.

Collecting and owning art is very personal.  Feel free to review the testimonial page from my art collectors.


Commission Artwork Info